PBA Basketball Rules and Regulations

PBA is a combination of NBA and FIBA or International Basketball Federation.

  1. 4 Quarters
  2. Time: 12 Minute Per quarter
  3. Three Point Line:  6.75 m. Used by FIBA for international competitions.
  4. Players can hang on the rim after taking a dunk.
  5. Defenses: Zone Defenses are allowed.
  6. Team Penalty: Fifth foul every quarter:Two free throws attemps every foul. 
  7. Last two minutes of the regulation: Only one foul to give.
  8. Overtime: Two fouls to give in the first three minutes and one foul to give in the last two minutes.
  9. New players can enter the league by Drafting.
  10. Foreign players can join the league as imports in some conference games. As of this post, they can join the Commissioner's Cup. 
  11. If the a Team have played in the play-offs of the preceding Philippine Cup, they can import players with the max height of 6'9". Non-Play-off teams have no height limits for imports.
  12. For Governor's Cup, Height is limited to 6'5".
  13.  The league use Trent Tucker Rule.
  14. An advantage foul, similar to the "unsportsmanlike foul" of FIBA rules, is called when the offensive player is fouled by an opposing player while in a fastbreak situation without going for the ball. The offense is given two free throws and regains the ball.
Source: Wikipedia.

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